Gardens Gallery Exhibition Diary


Test 1  Displays a month at a time as tiles, starting from January 2019. You can either select the month using the Jump month option or page through the months one at a time using the right and left arrows.

The click on fields seem to be quite indistinct.

Test 4 Displays the diary as a list, a month at a time with a featured image. Move through the list using right and left arrows which are not very distinct.

august, 2021

Test 6 This is tiled

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Test 6a as test 6 but not tiled. No months displayed as a separator.

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Test 8 As Test 6a but with months displayed as a separator


28jul(jul 28)4:55 pm03aug(aug 3)4:55 pmJunction 12 Art Group

04aug(aug 4)4:55 pm10(aug 10)4:55 pmAngela Scrivin - A Brush With NatureLive Now

11aug(aug 11)4:55 pm17(aug 17)4:55 pmSarah Jemmett - Conversation with Nature

18aug(aug 18)4:55 pm24(aug 24)4:55 pmBob Meredith - Old and the New Arts and Crafts

25aug(aug 25)4:55 pm31(aug 31)4:55 pmAnthony Davie


01sep4:55 pm07(sep 7)4:55 pmClaudia Araceli

08sep(sep 8)4:55 pm14(sep 14)4:55 pmCheltenham Art Club

15sep(sep 15)4:55 pm21(sep 21)4:55 pmJan Whitton - Pastel and Brush

22sep(sep 22)4:55 pm28(sep 28)4:55 pmChelt Group Artists Autumn Exhibition

29sep(sep 29)4:55 pm02oct(oct 2)4:55 pmCaroline Hill - Workshop Portraiture and Sculpture


29sep(sep 29)4:55 pm02oct(oct 2)4:55 pmCaroline Hill - Workshop Portraiture and Sculpture

03oct(oct 3)4:55 pm06(oct 6)4:55 pmGallery Closed

07oct(oct 7)4:55 pm18(oct 18)4:55 pmCheltenham Literature Festival Exhibition

18oct(oct 18)4:55 pm22(oct 22)4:55 pmGallery Closed

23oct(oct 23)4:55 pm26(oct 26)4:55 pmRupert Aker - Cheltenham and The Cotswolds

27oct(oct 27)4:55 pm02nov(nov 2)4:55 pmSkaya Marina - Body In Motion


27oct(oct 27)4:55 pm02nov(nov 2)4:55 pmSkaya Marina - Body In Motion

03nov(nov 3)4:55 pm09(nov 9)4:55 pmRobert Goldsmith

10nov(nov 10)4:55 pm16(nov 16)4:55 pmWendy Rochefort - Abstractions

17nov(nov 17)4:55 pm23(nov 23)4:55 pmAdele Riley

24nov(nov 24)4:55 pm30(nov 30)4:55 pmKatie Engelke


01dec4:55 pm07(dec 7)4:55 pmDavid Pugh - Collages & Paintings

08dec(dec 8)4:55 pm14(dec 14)4:55 pmRosemary Frith

15dec(dec 15)4:55 pm21(dec 21)4:55 pmJane Brighton - I Consider A Tree


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Test 9

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Test 10


GG Diary

Test 11


Test 11


Test 12

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What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The outside of the gallery has been repainted.
  • New Lighting The main lighting in the gallery has been replaced with energy efficient LED lights which provides
    lower power consumption, a sensation of greater space giving enhanced upward lighting and warmer light on walls and screens

New gallery layout

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