july, 2020

2020wed22jul(jul 22)9:00 amtue28(jul 28)5:00 pmTracy Hunt & Andreaa Dragne - Alchemy

Event Details

Tracy Hunt and Andreaa Dragne bring their exhibition Alchemy to The Gardens Gallery from 22nd - 28th July 2020. Patricia Johnson, Hilary Haigh and Anna Meakin have been invited to share this exhibition as guest artists.   Hilary and Anna attended a U3A class which Tracy was invited to teach in a more structured way, focusing on techniques and different themes. This group later became renamed as The West End Art Group who meet every two week at the community centre on Grove Street in Cheltenham. Hilary and Anna still attend this group and enjoy working at home when time allows.   Patricia Johnson is Tracy Hunt’s Mum. Pat also attends a weekly, local art class during term time. Pat enjoys working around natural themes of fauna and landscape.         Andreea Dragne 


Passionate about nature and taking inspiration from beautiful places, Andreea is translating her emotions into abstract paintings. Microorganisms, landscapes and satellite images of the Earth, motivate Andreea to experiment in an Alchemic way.  She combines vibrant colours and textures, ink, acrylics and mixed media, specialising in epoxy resin.


Andreea has been commissioned to produce work in an architectural setting and into furniture which is featured in the ‘No Regrets’ tattoo studio in Cheltenham.


Born in Romania, she studied graphic art at "Nicolae Tonitza" College in Bucharest, where she developed an interest in the Abstract Expressionism movement. She adopted Cheltenham as her hometown since 2014 where she started developing her artistic career.  Although mainly self-taught, Andreea strives to expand her skills and techniques which have enabled her to channel her creative passion. She also creates unique and beautiful jewellery using resin and electro forming processes. Andreea has recently attended a masterclass in electroforming in Florence.


Each of Andreea’s creations comprise of a sense of emotion, inspired by the beauty of nature. This is Andreea’s second exhibition.


"Art is communicating the world, filtered by the emotional drive of the artist."  Andreea Dragne           Tracy Hunt     Tracy enjoys working spontaneously and intuitively with textured surfaces, creating atmospheric art based around themes of landscapes and seascapes. Having studied and taught art for many years she felt it was time to develop her own work several years ago. Tracy has also had an interest in printmaking and wanted to explore this further.   She discovered the Cold Wax technique a few years ago which incorporates all the elements that interest her. Having attended several workshops, Tracy has since been working with this versatile medium.   The process of cold wax work is built up in layers of colour and mark making which is added to and subtracted from until a finished piece emerges. These tend to be part incidental, part designed. Tracy is curious about what occurs during making, allowing accidental effects to become part of the piece, and incorporating hints of printmaking.   Cold wax is modified beeswax, which is changed by the addition of solvents. This is then mixed with oil paint to create a soft paste. The paste will set after a period of time but can be affected in multiple ways while still soft. Solvent can be spattered over the work, removing the medium and leaving speckles of underlying colour. Different textures can be pressed into the surface to create a relief or printed effect. Each layer is then left to ‘set’ before working into the piece again. New layers of colour can be applied thickly or thin, opaque or translucent, and are affected by the existing, set surfaces of the previous layers. Tracy tries to capture the essence of a moment in time, rather than a specific place, evoking traces of a feeling, sensation and memory of an experience.   For Tracy, the Alchemic process of working with Cold Wax is like a visual metaphor for life. That is - to enjoy the journey of exploration, a cosmic venture into the unknown, evolving, changing, ebbing and flowing, giving, taking and adapting, the outcomes of which are undetermined, frequently surprising and beautiful.   Tracy Hunt BA Hons 3Dimensional Design / Art Foundation / PGCE Design & Technology   Past Life – Teacher of Art & Design and Design Technology   Current Life - Self-employed Holistic Therapist and Artist