‘Ding Dong Merrily’- A Christmas Exhibition

Diane Baker, Linda Freeman, Rickie Gauld, Jackie White, Jan Stevens, Janet Whitfield

4 – 10 December 2013


  • Diane Baker has been potting on and off for 40 years. She enjoys “pushing the boundaries”, making clay do what it doesn’t want to. She makes hand built decorative ware, the occasional sculptural piece and thrown functional items. She also enjoys the excitement of the fire and smoke of Raku firing.


  • Ricki Gauld has enjoyed pottery for 35 years. He likes a throwing challenge, and experimenting with stoneware glazes. He makes decorative domestic ware with bold, freeform use of oxides and glazes.


  • Jan Stevens completed both City and Guilds Embroidery and Design, and Machine Embroidery courses. Her primary interest is textiles and mixed media incorporating more conventional paper craft techniques. For this exhibition she has produced memory books to personalise, covered notebooks and cards.


  • Jackie White trained as an art teacher specialising in ceramics, and has over 40 years of experience. Her work is a mixture of functional/non functional quirky ceramics with lots of colour, illustration and humour with a hint of nostalgia.


  • Janet Whitfield after completing City and Guilds courses now experiments with mixed media. She combines texture, colour, and pattern to create beautiful wall hangings, handbags and  other colourful decorations.  For the ‘Ding Dong Merrily’ Christmas exhibition she has produced wall art, and textile tree decorations.


  • Linda Freeman has potted for 17 years. She makes decorative functional ware for the house and garden, using coiling or slab building techniques. Her forms and textural decorative style are inspired by and reflect nature.


  • The four potters met at Gloscat (now Gloscol) in 1996 whilst following various ceramic courses there and set up the Potthouse studio in Woodmancote in 2006.


  • Open Daily 10am – 5pm, Entry Free

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What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The east turret is in need of repair to prevent rain leaking in when the wind is in the ‘wrong’ direction. We hope to get this done during gallery downtime.
  • Hire Dates for 2022 The release of dates for hiring the gallery in 2022 is under review pending the availability of dates for events in the gardens.
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