5th-14th October | Guild Crafts Cheltenham

An exciting exhibition of contemporary designer-makers from The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen.  With daily demonstrations including bookbinding and calligraphy.

Like The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival, the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen has a history going back to the first half of the twentieth century. It’s the oldest craft guild in the country, founded in 1933, and has always had a close link with Cheltenham. One of the Guild’s main architects, the curator Daniel Herdman, was responsible for establishing the Arts and Crafts collection of world importance that you can see today at the Wilson Museum.

Now a co-operative of over 60 practising makers, the Gloucestershire Guild is dedicated to promoting contemporary designer crafts of a very high standard, both functional and decorative. It includes many disciplines, such as furniture, metalwork, textiles, basket-making, ceramics, and jewellery, and we have a permanent gallery and retail outlet in Clarence Street, The Guild at 51.

Our work is also about the life-enhancing qualities of creativity and we are keen to inspire you! During the Literature Festival, our selling show at the Gardens Gallery will also give you the opportunity to talk to individual makers, watch them at work and ask questions, and find out how you could get involved in contemporary crafts yourself. There will be demonstrations every day, including calligraphy and bookbinding offering insights into the technical skill of some of our makers.



Exhibitors include:

Adrian Bates                 Ceramics

Andy Moore                  Calligraphy

Anne James                  Ceramics

Bella Peralta                  Textiles

Bill Robson                    Glass Jewellery

Bridget Williams           Ceramics

Cate Fox                          Textiles

Chris Noble                    Printmaking

David Smith                   Furniture

Emily-Kriste Wilcox     Ceramics

Graham Ikin                   Furniture

Harriet St Leger             Enamel Jewellery

Jan Knibbs                      Textiles

Kathryn Clarke               Textiles

Liz Valenti                       Paper

Mike Bigland                   Metal Scupture

Rhian Wyman                 Textiles

Sarah Pulvertaft              Jewellery

Sarah Beadsmoore         Textiles

Tim Blades                       Floral Jewellery

Toff Milway                      Salt Glazed Ceramics

Ursula Jeakins                 Bookbinding

Uschi Arens Price            Jewellery

What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The outside of the gallery has been repainted.
  • New Lighting The main lighting in the gallery has been replaced with energy efficient LED lights which provides
    lower power consumption, a sensation of greater space giving enhanced upward lighting and warmer light on walls and screens

New gallery layout

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