21st – 23rd October | Pastel Workshops with Jan Whitton


Each workshop is designed to stand alone and costs £37
Please provide 2 cheque’s 1 for deposits ie. £10 per day
Another for the remainder, which will be cashed on 1st Sep 2018.
BACS details on request.
Your day will include a demonstration and to finish a `Crit’

What’s Provided

The Gallery has heating:
Disabled toilet: Small kitchen:
Tables and chairs.

There will be complimentary drinks and biscuits available throughout the day.
Please bring a packed lunch*.

Day One

Will be a day devoted to painting ‘Autumn reflections’

Day Two

Will be a day looking in detail at ‘Autumn Fruits & Berries’

Day Three

Will be a day working with a ‘Limited Palette’



Contact Jan Whitton
Whistledown, Cranham
Tel: 01452 812417


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What’s Next?

  • Maintenance The outside of the gallery has been repainted.
  • New Lighting The main lighting in the gallery has been replaced with energy efficient LED lights which provides
    lower power consumption, a sensation of greater space giving enhanced upward lighting and warmer light on walls and screens

New gallery layout

What do you think of the new gallery layout?

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